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The word “REN” means “Echo” or “Ringing”. It refers to the Name of the Person.


In Ancient Egypt, “REN” was considered an extremely important and powerful part of the soul with the ability to destroy a person and their soul permanently.


Ancient Egyptians believed that the only way to protect the person’s soul against attacks and to keep it alive is to preserve their “REN” by having it inscribed & encircled by a rope of light called a Cartouche.


Take the Egyptian Lead, Protect your Soul and have your “REN” (Name) inscribed in Hieroglyphs and encircled by a Cartouche.


Receive a Digital Photo made specially for you. Once purchase is made, you will receive a downloadable document with different designs to choose from, send the design no. you like to with the Name(s) you need imprinted.


You can have only your “First Name” inscribed - or - your “First & Family Name” - or - your “First Name & the First Name of another beloved” so your souls can tie in Eternity.


Your Personalized Photo - with your Name(s) on it - will be sent to you “within” 7 days from the date of your e-mail.


All Photos are charged with Reiki (SEKHEM) Healing Energy and inscribed with True Hieroglyphs. 


Available Format:

Digital Photo

Av. 1920 x 1080 pixels - 11.69 x 6.37 inch - 25 MB



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