• 30 minutes
  • ٨٥ دولار أمريكي
  • The Connection is Energetic

Service Description

Distant Healing Session helps to: - Reopen The Body’s Energy Channels And Re-Balance The Flow Of The Universal Life Energy In & Around The Body. - Awaken And Align The Cells Of The Body - Clear The Blocked Emotional And Physical Factors That Lead To Illness And Disease. - Raise The Body's Vibration. - Cleanse Toxins & Poisons - Enhance The Immune System - Bring The Mind-Body And Spirit Into Balance. - Prevent Future Creation Of Illness And Disease. - Intensify The Biological Intelligence That Governs The Body’s Resources And Allows It To Heal Itself And Function Correctly. - Stimulate The Person’s Own Natural Healing Abilities, Promoting Physical, Mental And Emotional Healing. (*) The Connection will be Energetic. No technology is needed to perform or receive the Treatment. No need for a computer or phone during the Session. How does it Feel to get Reiki: Sensations vary from one person to another as some people are more receptive to energy than others. They are caused by energy flow in the body to re-balance or clear blockages. They can be very relaxing and calming to some and very subtle and overlooked to others. In some cases specially when the blockage is too deep on the physical, emotional or mental level & has been accumulated for a long time, healing process can trigger strong and uncomfortable sensations caused by our bodies getting rid of the excess baggage and flushing out toxins. Such cases are referred to as “Healing Crisis” which normally last from 3 to 21 days until the body is completely purified and back into equilibrium. Sensations you may feel when receiving the Session: - Relaxation - Calmness - Relief - Sleepiness - Visions of color or light - Electrical sparks - Emotional response - Heat or cold - Pins and needles tingling - Vibrational buzzing - Numbness - Throbbing - Tickling - Pulsations - Stomach rumbling - Goose pumps - Itchiness - Headaches - Running nose - Diarrhea - Sometimes, nothing at all

Cancellation Policy

This Appointment Can Not Be Cancelled.

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