MASTER Attunement & Certification


  • 30 minutes
  • ٢٥٠ دولار أمريكي
  • Connection is Energetic

Service Description

MASTER DISTANT ATTUNEMENT Does Not Involve New Teachings. It Is Designed For Those Who Established A Strong Connection With Their “Sahu” And Feel Ready To: 1- Work With And Become A Channel For Sekhmet Reiki 2- Teach & Attune Others To This Sacred Art Of Healing. Fees Include: - MASTER Distant Attunement. - Complimentary MASTER PDF Certification. (Fees do NOT include The Manual) Benefits: - Opens Up The Energy Channels - Switches On’ An Extra Surge Of Power - Raises The Body's Vibration - Attunes The Cells, The Etheric, The Astral And All Energetic Layers Of The Body With The Frequency Of Sekhmet Reiki Enabling You To Use The Sekhem Energy For Healing And Teach/Attune Others. Note: The Attunement Is Performed From A Distance, The Connection Will Be Energetic And No Technology Is Needed To Perform Or Receive The Attunement. No Need For A Computer Or Phone During The Ceremony.

Cancellation Policy

This Appointment Can Not Be Cancelled.

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